It’s all good and well to develop Core Values, an inspiring BHAG or a strategy to win, but unless you can find a way to bring these elements to life, and for them to be important to the people in your organisation, it is worth very little. That’s why we recommend you find fun, engaging ways to align team members with what is most important for the business.


Rackspace straightacket

As Rackspace ‘Godfather of Fanatical Support’ David Bryce reflects, ” We got unhappy customers, we gotta do a better job of taking care of them. How do I rally the whole organisation around being obsessed with treating these folks right?” And so David developed a monthly ritual of the Rackspace Straightjacket given as an award to the person who can’t be restrained in the pursuit of great customer service, which has become the very highest award that honours those who are living the strategy and the Core Values.

Lets take a look at the Rackspace Core Values;

  • Fanatical Support® in all we do
  • Results first, substance over flash
  • Committed to Greatness
  • Full Disclosure and Transparency
  • Passion for our Work
  • Treat fellow Rackers like Friends and Family

So the Rackspace Fanatical Jacket represents something that is awarded only once per month for the 6,000 staff, and therefore is a highly prestigious aware.

Learn more about the how Rackspace bring Core Values to life with the Rackspace Straightjacket award in the video below.

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