SRG Insurance, a fast growing Perth based insurance broker recently conducted an offsite strategic planning session facilitated by Evolution Partners to plan for 2015 and beyond. Through this 2 day offsite planning session the team at SRG insurance worked together to uncover Core Values, Core Purpose, BHAG as well completing the Gazelles One Page Plan.

As Rod Fitzgerald, Managing Director at SRG Insurance said “(as a result of our offsite strategy workshop) we made significant gains on our culture project, and we have really made progress as a management team”.

Rod goes on “I can’t believe the quantity and depth of what we achieved”.

One of the things we advocate in the Gazelles One Page Plan is “Actions – to live Values, Purpose and BHAG“. This is the top 3 to 5 things you will do on a regular basis to bring your Core Values, Core Purpose and BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) to life. The aim of this exercise is to bring these parts of your culture to life. A leader must go beyond merely posting a company’s Values and Purpose on the wall and handing out plastic laminated cards. The key is for your to align all of your people systems and processes around one list of your Values and Purpose.

When completing the One Page Strategic Plan, Rod and his team decided that in order to genuinely bring their Core Values and Purpose to life they would need to literally surround themselves with the words. And so they decided to post the Core Values, BHAG, Core Purpose and Brand Promise on the walls all around the office and on staff workstations.

If you are going to uncover your companies DNA, and use actions to bring this to life in your team, it’s important that everyone knows about it. Find unique and genuine ways to bring your values, purpose and BHAG to life.









SRG Cafe







SRG Waiting room







SRG Desk







SRG Fish wall






BHAG is a Registered Trademark of Jim Collins and Jerry Porras.




















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