One of the fastest growing app companies in the world, Appster understands that a high performance culture is critical to this growth and having new team members join which align with the teams Core Values is critical to it’s success.

In this presentation Appster outlines its culture policy, and what it means to work at Appster being an ‘Appsterfarian’.

Importantly the Core Values help them to understand who they are not and they actively recommend that people who don’t align should not work at Appster. Appster recently replaced their 7 Core Values with ‘4 promises’ which they found more engaging, and they now have new hires sign a one-page agreement to uphold them.


Appster Core Values (Old)

1. Change is Good

2. Radical Honesty and Transparency

3. Employees First, Customers Second

4. Open Management

5. Relentless Discipline

6. Solutions Over Problems Every Time

7. Being a High Performance Organisation


Appster 4 promises (Core Values)

Change is good

Relentless discipline

High Performance

We are dreamers


Core Values statement



Core Values Training


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