Last week it was announced that Atlassian was awarded the Best Place to work in Australia by BRW for the second year running. This is despite Atlassian growing so fast that one in four of the companies 1,500 employees have been at the company for less than five months, and the median tenure being one year and nine days.

So how do Atlassian manage to achieve Australia’s best place to work in a fast growth environment which would normally create HR headaches?

“What I tell my staff is that no one’s a 100 per cent cultural fit when you join the company, there’s always going to be some delta between everything you’ve learned and how you work elsewhere,” Co Founder Scott Farquhar says. “I’ve said to new starters they really need to be vulnerable and say ‘hey, how could I have done that better?’ … and for people who’ve been here a long time, their job is to actively give that feedback.

When a company develops a strategy to organically drive revenues faster than the industry average and it has a business model to generate cash to support this growth and the business executes efficiently the largest constraint to growth is getting good people, as anyone involved in a fast growth company would agree. A clear, strong and appealing culture is one of the main elements to remove this constraint, which is driven by Core Values and Core Purpose being both known and alive.

Whilst many factors obviously contribute to the award winning culture which enables Atlassian to support the growth of the business, the strength of the Core Values and Core Purpose within the company, and how they are continually lived is one of the key elements to the success.


Atlassian Core Values

Open company no bullshit

Build with heart and balance

Don’t f#@% the customer

Play as a team

Be the change you seek


Atlassian Core Purpose

Create useful products people lust after


Below is a Core Values video example showing what the Core Values and Core Purpose mean to people who work at Atlassian.


Atlassian meeting



Core Values Training

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