In this short video, author of the famous HBR article Core Competence of the Corporation CK Prahalad discusses how a company can be different in a market which is continually being impacted by the internet and technology as well as the following points;

  • The more the world transforms to being IT centric, the more likely it is that IT will be the source of competitive advantage.
  • In the age of the internet what is going to be the underlying source of competitive advantage for companies?
  • What will endure for the next ten years?
  • The cost of technology per-se is not going to be the limiting factor, it will be understanding what to do with technology.
  • How will the traditional firms migrate one consumer at a time, with resources being resourced from around the world.

Also below is a great slide deck about Core Competencies, and a summary of the book “Competing for the Future” By Gary Hamel and CK Prahalad which outlines how companies can use Core Competencies to develop and leverage a strategic advantage.

CK Prahalad

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