Uncovering your Core Purpose in a manner which is both meaningful and relevant to the people in your organisation is one of the critical elements to building a truly great company. Without an authentic purpose and passion to drive the people, a business is likely to achieve mediocre results, primarily because it;

  • Is unable to attract the best talent
  • Is unable to access the true capability of the talent it has
  • Finds it difficult to have people in teams work together to achieve the best results
  • Experiences difficulty with people who come to work to do anything more than the minimum expected amount

A Core Purpose should be broad enough to engage everyone in the organisation, and powerful enough, if developed and articulated correctly, to get your lowest paid worker out of bed on the coldest winter morning.

A Core Purpose isn’t about shareholder return, buying a larger boat for the owner or generating an acceptable net profit. These are important functions of a business (not the boat!), but have nothing to do with an authentic Core Purpose. If your Core Purpose is not authentic, heartfelt and connected, it is likely you are not accountable for it and it is simply marketing. If you are not accountable for your authentic, heartfelt and connected Core Purpose you have likely created a credibility chasm within your culture which illustrates the difference between what you say and what you do. The unfortunate byproduct of this is cynicism within your workforce.

The Little Potato Company Core Purpose

For The Little Potato Company based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, who have been working with Gazelles coach Kevin Lawrence, uncovering the Core Purpose and Scaling Up their business, living the Core Purpose and bringing it to life are inside them. It is what gives them their energy.

Angela Santiago and her dad started their company because of a passion for potatoes – and a belief that if they showed the world what potatoes used to look like and taste like, we’d love them again.

For Angela the purpose is bringing fresh, wholesome and delicious little potatoes to families across Canada and the United States. They are also passionate about giving back to the community.

This is The Little Potato Company Core Purpose;

Save the potato.

Feed the world, better.

Everyone, everywhere deserves to have healthy, great food. We believe that millions of people are either not getting enough food or getting too much of the wrong food. So we are on a mission to better feed the world.

Potatoes are one of the world’s most efficient crops. Not only are they good for you, they are good for the environment.

By going back to the potato’s roots we have uncovered the same types of potato varieties first cultivated – small, highly nourishing, diverse and packed with flavor. Our goal is to cultivate potatoes that are again full of flavor and bursting with nutrition.

This amazing vegetable is a gift and we see it as our job to bring the potato back to its original glory.


Take a look at The Little Potato company Core Purpose video below.

The LIttle Potato Company Core Purpose


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