Paul Fraynd and Hugh Morton have been using the Rockefeller Habits and the One-Page Strategic Plan to both merge their firms and drive an expected doubling of revenue by 2018. Leaders of Omaha-based Sun Valley Landscaping, this Landscape Management magazine article details how they independently launched their separate businesses and then merged them into something providing more of a 100% solution for clients needing landscaping services. To make sure the merger didn’t destroy either company, the article notes:

To ensure they were on the same page as they rebranded, Morton and Fraynd turned to the one-page strategic plan concept from the book “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” by Verne Harnish. Fraynd got the idea to use this tool from his brother, who had success with it in his job turning around public schools. “Most business books are theory or an idea to use, but this one, you can take it and boom,” Fraynd says. “There’s your strategic plan.”

The article goes on to detail “The Sun Valley Way” and how they use core values and purpose to drive culture and performance. Quarterly themes also play an important role. And to celebrate 20 years in business, they launched Commit20 – encouraging their employees (and those of clients, suppliers, etc.) to donate 20 hours to a charity of their choice in 2015. Notes Director of Business Development Ashly Neneman:

I think the fact that when we meet people at networking events and tell them about Commit20, they’re just blown away that a little landscaping company has come up with this idea and is getting its employees involved. So that’s already a success to me.

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Sun Valley Landscaping Core Values

People come first.

We do it right (the right way).

It’s all about the experience.

We take care in the craftsmanship.

Everyone is an owner.


Sun Valley Landscaping Core Purpose

We wake up every day with the hope that we can allow others to enjoy the outdoors as much as we do






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