July 2015 Evolution Partners Newsletter


“If you are just one degree off course, you will miss your destination.” – Dale Tardy


A word from Brad

It has been a very busy time between annual planning season and increased speaking engagements. I have also been building an online workshop for people to undertake a step by step process to Scale Up their business. With around 62 classes and 25 hours of video it has been quite time consuming. More on that next month.

I am a pretty new speaker to the TEC (Vistage) circuit and last month had my first speaker evaluation finally come in. I was delighted to be told that I scored in the high 90’s, described as rare,  and had scored as high as anyone ever had for their first presentation.

Scaling Up user group

We have setup a LinkedIn user group for Scaling Up & Mastering the Rockefeller Habits users. Join the group here to discuss best practices with other users.

USA travel dates

For US subscribers I am currently booking dates for October speaking and workshops in the US. Contact me for dates.

Culligan Lubbock Core Values + 24% Net Profit

Joel Tardy (whose father is responsible for our headline quote this month about being a degree off course) had built a great business but felt that he could do better. Joel subsequently built a business with the highest profits in his industry and voted one of the best place to work. Learn more about Joel’s Scaling Up story and watch the Core Values ceremony “Carrying the Water” here.

Employee Engagement

A recent Gallup poll indicated that a little over half of all employees are disengaged and 18.5% are actively disengaged. Learn about the 3 key things you can do improve employee engagement in this video from the Gazelles Orlando summit.

Measuring Employee Happiness

Barcelona-based Cyberclick was named Spain’s #1 SME Best Place to Work in 2014. David Tomas, CEO, wrote a recent piece for Forbes on how they track employee mood and act on the data each week. Firing a customer as a result of employee feedback is just one of many actions they’ve taken to maintain high employee delight.

Tomas tells us about the results:

“The results we saw in the health of our company were surprising. In 2012, our EBITDA margin was 6 percent. In 2013, the year following the client’s departure, we realized an increase in this margin to 10.5 percent. In 2014, it rose to 15 percent. I believe the increase of the EBITDA is the result of our team’s motivation to put in their best work and treat each client with the absolute best customer service. Our focus on happiness has also contributed to our high employee retention rate. Only one employee has left in the past three years due to personal reasons”.

Red Balloon Catalytic Mechanism

When Shark Tank ‘Shark’ and Red Balloon founder Naomi Simson was told by a friend “I love your website, I use it as a directory and then I just Google it directly“ she was pretty upset, but it helped her to understand that a part of the Core Customers need was to not only have all the experiences available in one directory, but they also needed to be available at the same price you could buy them anywhere else. Learn how Simson used customer feedback to uncover her Core Customers need and develop her Brand Promise with a powerful Catalytic Mechanism here.

Keep growing!

Brad Giles
Evolution Partners

Core Values video example

Maple Event Group

Melbourne-based Maple Event Group is growing quite fast and their owners, wife and husband Carly and Eric Cohen, say it’s all about their Core Values. Named the 14th Best Place to Work in Australia, they’ve produced a video that serves as a great employee recruiting and customer acquisition tool – worth taking time to watch which details many of the things they do to live their values (and a great example of how to structure a video like this).

Improve NPS with a theme

How City Bin used a theme and daily huddle to improve Net Promoter Score

When City Bin executives decided that in order to grow they must increase NPS, they knew it was easier said than done and that it would be the result of changing many small behaviors, rather than one large thing.

Learn how they used the quarterly theme and daily huddle to affect these behaviors and impact NPS here.

Differentiating Activities

Jiffy Lube

As Stephen Spinelli founded Jiffy Lube he had a clear strategy consisting of a defined Core Customer, primary profit driver (profit/x) and 3 things that were significantly different from the competition (differentiating strategies). Learn what these were, and how Spinelli used these to Scale Up and ultimately sell to a Fortune 500 company here.


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Online sales training

Our Impact Learning sales program consists of 28 online units and fortnightly coaching calls with the sales team to practically implement what student learn with prospects. View the syllabus and details here.


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Overview of the One Page Planning Process here

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