May 2015 Evolution Partners Newsletter


No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care” – Ted Roosevelt


A word from Brad

With 3 public holidays in April I had a good opportunity to spend some extra family time, including a great boat trip to Rotto with a couple of other families, and what seemed like dozens of kids swimming, fishing and generally doing what Rotto does best.

I spoke last week about the Science Behind a Winning Sales Culture at an event for the Institute of Public Accountants & Law Society of WA and you can view the presentation here. Keep an eye out for slide 32 & 35 showing why the top 6% of salespeople deal with 6 times as many prospects than the bottom 74% of salespeople.

Cash Flow video

Alan Miltz the co-author of the Cash section of Scaling Up has posted a great video online detailing how cash flows through a business and how to best understand the options you have to improve cash. View it here.

Scaling Up user group

We have setup a LinkedIn user group for Scaling Up & Mastering the Rockefeller Habits users. Join the group here to discuss best practices with other users.

Questions to find a strategic idea

Last week our Outthinker partner in our Ideas for Growth program posted a great blog about the questions you must answer before you find a strategic idea. See the blog post here.

Constructing Culture

On the 22nd & 23rd April I attended the Constructing Culture conference at Crown Perth with the ten winners of tickets as part of our sponsorship of the event. My highlight was the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition and how it was applied at West Coast Eagles. Essentially each person is categorised as either Novice, Beginner, Competent, Proficient or Expert, and a detailed score attributed to all elements which lead to that ranking. Typically it took 5-7 years to reach the level of expert and novices rely heavily on rules (process) whilst experts rely on intuition (people). The model tracks the incremental steps across everything a player performs in order to achieve the next level.

New pricing model

Objective Management Group have just released a new pricing model which massively reduces the cost of a sales candidate assessment. The new model hasn’t been publicly released as yet, but is available now. If you are looking to employ a salesperson soon contact me for pre-release details.

Government Grants

I have several clients who are making use of Government grants to obtain up to $20k in assistance toward one of our programs. If you are considering a Government grant to grow your business visit the Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme website for details.

Actions to live by

One of the areas of the Gazelles One Page Strategic Plan that many people find difficult is the ‘Actions’ (To live Values, Purpose & BHAG) in the centre of column 2. See this example from Appletree Answers about how they brought Core Values to life and why CEO John Ratcliff describes it as ‘an instant injection of positive to our culture’

Keep growing!

Brad Giles
Evolution Partners

Online sales training

Looking for a cost effective way to deliver sales training to your sales force? Our Impact Learning sales program consists of 28 online units along with fortnightly coaching calls with the sales team to discuss how the learning’s are being practically implemented. Contact me for syllabus and pricing details.

Daily Huddle

Trying to find an example on how to get remote people to join your daily huddle or perhaps a practical example of LEAN? See this inspiring video from California based Walters & Wolf where staff are interviewed about how the process has changed their company.
Or view this video from Australian online retailer Shoes of Prey to watch a daily huddle in practice and how it works in Australian culture.

Kevin Harrington

“As seen on TV” Guy & Shark Tank
I was very keen to see Kevin Harrington in Las Vegas as he was a star of the US Shark Tank show, which I am a fan (and make the kids watch). Kevin was also a founder of EO along with Verne Harnish.
His other achievements include;

  • Inventor of the infomercial
  • Launched 500 products
  • $5 Billion in product sales
  • Taken 50,000 pitches from around the world
  • Coined the phrase “As seen on TV”

Kevin described the perfect pitch as “tease, please then seize” with the average TV commercial starting the tease within 6 seconds. They are defined as;
Tease – explain the problem
Please – show the benefits, explain the problem
Seize – ask for the order, give value – BUT wait there’s more! When pitching or presenting always leave something for after the price is revealed.


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Online sales training

Our Impact Learning sales program consists of 28 online units and fortnightly coaching calls with the sales team to practically implement what student learn with prospects. View the syllabus and details here.


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