Shoes of Prey are a global online retailer that enable shoppers to design and buy their own shoes online. Founded in 2009 by Michael Fox, Jodie Fox and Mike Knapp in Sydney they enable shoppers to design shoes exactly the way they want, have them custom made and shipped.

This video shows the Shoes of Prey daily huddle in action and is a good example of how to hold a daily huddle The daily huddle  is a part of the meeting rhythm drawn from the book Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. You can see that there are small team huddles where each person provides an update of their achievements from yesterday and what they plan to achieve today. Then the smaller team groups come together as one, and they share good news, metrics and challenges. The whole meeting is complete in just over 7 minutes and the team leaves the meeting with a greater understanding of the company priorities and what people are working on. As a manager the daily huddle creates a culture of accountability through peer accountability.



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