How do we Ensure Strategic Changes Stick?

Once you have a winning strategy, how can you ensure it is executed?

The hard work you put into developing a brilliant strategy is worth nothing if it is not executed well and the following 3 statistics should highlight the importance of an effective execution planning process as part of your strategic planning needs;

1. 90% of strategies fail due to poor execution (Harvard Business School)

2. Only 15% of employees know their company’s top priorities (Stephen Covey & Bob Whitman – Predictable results in unpredictable times)

3. 32% of employees doubt their company has a plan at all (Dept of Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS))

Execute your strategic plan

Unfortunately many business plans once written are left in drawers and cupboards around the world to simply gather dust. It is human nature that people resist change and feel safe in the way things were previously done.

The unfortunate and scary statistic here are that 90% of strategies fail to poor execution, which is why we work with you and your leadership team to help embed a disciplined structure of Strategic Thinking and Execution Planning.

We will facilitate strategic workshops with you  using proven tools to grow your business that are simple, practical and actionable. We will facilitate quarterly planning sessions and facilitate annual strategic workshops.

We will use the Four Decisions of People, Strategy Execution and Cash to help you overcome the barriers to growth and be with you through your growth journey.


Which means getting the right people, doing the right things the right way. Fostering a culture which aligns with your Core Values and develops potential leaders as the company grows to step into vacant roles. Strength in the people area is not just about a culture with ping pong tables, but a deep well of quality talent you can draw upon.


You know you have a good strategy when your revenues and profits are growing at a rate higher than your industry. When as you grow, your margins remain the same. A great strategy must really matter to your customers and it must differentiate you from the competition.


In order to enable profit to hit the bottom line you must be efficient which comes form a high level of discipline. We recommend the 3 disciplines of Priorities, Data and Meeting Rhythms.


This means having a business model and systems which enable your business to spin off cash rather than absorb it as you grow. It also means  paying attention to how decisions affect cash flow as much as you would revenue or profitability.

We work with you to embed these tools and habits into your business.

Our executing growth consulting products

We offer three types of consulting products:



A one- to two-hour strategy consultation, by phone or in person, to assist with your execution challenges. Outcome: Clarity over challenges you are having with executing strategies in your business.



A one-day workshop, attended by you and a group of up to fifteen of your colleagues, to plan your execution for the coming quarter. Outcome: A clear aligned direction for your team to drive success in the coming quarter.



Our most popular program which includes embedding the Rockefeller Habits into your business, working with you and your team to uncover and implement an effective strategy, and providing alignment within your team to achieve your goals. Outcome: We find that companies who successfully implement this program typically enjoy double the cash flow, triple the industry average profitability, increase in value of the firm relative to the competition and they are able to enjoy the ride.

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