Joel Tardy runs a Culligan Water franchise in Lubbock Texas and was consistently one of the highest performing franchises in the US for Culligan with net profits around 15% to 20% and a NPS score of 91%. But Joel felt that wasn’t enough and wanted to build a better business. Having read Scaling Up and built a One Page Plan for his business, Joel attended a Gazelles public workshop and felt he needed the help of a Gazelles coach.

In this video we hear the story of Joel and how he originally built his own Core Values and Core Purpose, but that ultimately they decided to get outside help to push them to develop a Core Purpose and Core Values that really matter and make a difference. Next we hear about how Culligan Lubbock developed a way to bring the Core Values to life with a ceremony called “Carrying the Water”. Culligan Core Values coin

In this ceremony staff volunteer that they both understand and live the Core Values and are presented with a company coin which carry’s the core values of the company, and the founders philosophy “If you are just one degree off course, you will miss your destination”. They then literally walk and carry water before their peers.


The changes this has made to the business have been remarkable as detailed by Mike Mirau in this video.




Carry the water

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