Fred Reichheld is the founder of the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This is a simple, statistically repeatable measure of a companies customer loyalty. A simple question, with a set of follow up questions can help a business put the customer first and ensure customers come back and bring their friends.

In this video Fred talks about the NPS system and how to develop a customer driven business which increases growth and profitability. Also Rob Markey discusses the difference between the Net Promoter Score and the Net Promoter System – The Net Promoter System being a holistic approach to enrich the lives of customers and employees. This is the tool that companies like Apple and Zappos use to develop the world class service we so ofter hear about.

You can find a (currently) free NPS survey for you to use and in some cases benchmark against your industry here.


You also may be interested in our NPS workshop.


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