In this short interview with Adele Revella, Author of Buyer Personas, Adele discussed her book and the concept of learning about why customers make purchasing decisions commenting “It’s so simple that it seems crazy that I had to write a book about it…”

Some insights from Adele in this interview…

People can tell you whether their buyer is make or female or an age bracket, but no one can say why people are buying.

Big data isn’t useful for analysing the customers buying decision because it will capture what they are doing, but no why they are doing it. When people are buying it will not capture what is happening emotionally inside the buyers mind.

To obtain a more authentic buyer understanding, Adele recommends that executives simply have a short conversation with people who have just bought your product or service and listen to the persons story about why they purchased.

But a word of warning…


Do not have your sales people do this as sales people will do it with an agenda. The buyer will hold back because they know that the sales person has an agenda.





Adele Revella

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