March 2015 Evolution Partners Newsletter


“Managers: When one of your talented people does something dumb, don’t blame them. Instead ask yourself what context you failed to set” – Reed Hastings


A word from Brad

I spent the first week of March in Melbourne attending the Gazelles Australian Summit and Growth Faculty Summit with Jim Collins. During the Gazelles summit we learned that Scaling Up has in it’s first 5 months sold more books than Mastering the Rockefeller Habits over 12 years, a pretty interesting statistic.

Also I was a speaker at Innovation WA last week and was surprised to learn about all the free resources they provide for growing companies. Check out their website here.

Scaling Up user group

We have setup a LinkedIn user group for Scaling Up & Mastering the Rockefeller Habits users. Join the group here to discuss best practices with other users.

Why Ideas Fail

I am currently collaborating with Kaihan Krippendorf and the Wharton Business School on research for a book about why ideas fail. We are interviewing senior leaders to understand the causes behind ideas that should have succeeded, but failed. The intention is that we will be able to predict why an idea might fail to live up to it’s potential and help leaders use this data to make informed decisions in the future.

If you are willing to contribute 20 minutes to this critical piece of research please email me and we can arrange an interview time.

Government Grants

I have several clients who are making use of Government grants to obtain up to $20k in assistance toward one of our programs. If you are considering a Government grant to grow your business visit the Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme website for details.

Berkshire Hathaway letter

Warren Buffet released his 2014 letter to shareholders this month and it’s a fascinating insight into the way they think. For those time pressed, just skim pages 3-5 for interesting notes.

Keep growing!

Brad Giles

Evolution Partners

Outthinker 8 P’s 

The key to having a strategy that drives revenues to your business organically is giving the customer what they need whilst being different to the competition. Our strategy program developed by Kaihan Krippendorf in his book Outthink the Competition typically uncovers more than 100 ideas for growth. As well as being suitable for SMB it has been used by 29 of the world’s 100 largest companies to develop new growth ideas. Learn your Outthinker score here to understand how your strategy rates in relation to the 8 P’s, and how long before the competition catches up.

Constructing Culture

We are proud to be partnering with the Constructing Culture Leadership summit at Crown Perth on April 22 & 23.

Speakers include;

  • John Worsfold, West Coast Eagles Legend
  • Mick Collis, Australian Sudoku Champion
  • John Wellbourne, MD Equitorial Resources
  • Danielle McNamee, MD ProcessWorx
  • Jim Winter, Director Attitude Adjustment
  • Jo Woodfield, Principal WRAYS
  • Sarah Coleman, Improvement Resources
  • Paul O’Meehan, Owner A O’Meehan & Co

We have eight tickets to give away to the first eight people to email me. If you miss out on the free tickets and still want to go you can buy tickets for $950 here.

Jim Collins

Good is the Enemy of Great

I saw Jim at the Growth Faculty Summit in early March and he was fantastic, likely one of the best I have seen.

Jim has a combined 6,000 years of research data that he has conducted over the past 25 years studying contrasts between what occurs within companies that lead to success.

Jim took the audience through his 12 questions, essentially a refined list of the actions required to build a great company which include leadership, getting the right people, discipline, risk, paranoia, Core Values, BHAG, SMaC, Luck and Stop list.

I think Karen Beattie who was responsible for bringing Jim to Australia sums the takeaway up best in this post.



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Gazelles Growth Institute

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