In Vlog 16 I’m talking about the only sport metaphor for business I have ever liked and the analytics behind team work as well as the 3 laws of Mastery and the 3 elements of Motivating People.

I begin talking about Ben Darwin from Gain Line Analytics and the article in the Australian Financial Review about how he has found what he calls the Team Work Index to accurately predict what the chances of a sporting team are for winning and why most modern sporting clubs are bound to lose with their current approach of acquiring the most skilful and expensive players. Then I discuss why this is one of the few sporting to business analogies I like and how it relates to Core Values and teamwork.

Next I talk about a concept from Dan Pink’s book Drive about the 3 laws of motivating people being;

  • Autonomy – the ability to be in control of our own lives
  • Mastery – the urge to get better and better at something that matters
  •  Purpose – the yearning to contribute to something that is greater than ourselves

Finally of the three I discuss Mastery and the laws of Mastery being;

  • Mastery is Pain
  • Mastery is a Mindset
  • Mastery is an Asymptote

Mastery is Pain


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