August 2014 Evolution Partners Newsletter


“There are no big problems, there are just a lot of little problems” Henry Ford


A word from Brad

Last weekend was spent running a 2 day workshop for an EO Forum in Melbourne. Great group, several who had used the Rockefeller Habits and Gazelles One Page Strategic Plan before, but needed to spend time performing strategic thinking and execution planning. We reinforced the notion that change is a process, and not an event.

I was saddened by news on the death of Robin Williams by an apparent suicide, having been a fan for many years and in particular a fan of Good Morning Vietnam, the first movie I saw in cinema. If you or anyone you know is one of the 3 million Australians living with depression please visit Beyond Blue.

On a lighter note I am getting married in a few weeks and preparations are almost complete. Interesting that writing my speech is so much more difficult than writing a regular speech!

Welcome Sales Specialist Bec Bucci

At Evolution Partners our strategy is to deliver the Worlds Best Tools for Entrepreneurs. This means not only investing in the best tools, but also the best people to deliver them.

I am proud to announce that Bec Bucci has joined Evolution Partners and will be handling our;

  • Sales team assessment;
  • Sales candidate assessment;
  • Sales process consulting and;
  • Sales workshops

Bec is a Telstra Business Woman of the year finalist, a sales A player in her own right and has a Bachelor of Psychology as well as diplomas in management, marketing, property, counselling and coaching!

Our sales team assessment has a data set of almost 1 million sales people globally and for candidates provides a 92% likelihood they will be in the top half of the sales force in 1 year.

Dave Power – The Curve Ahead

Gazelles coach and Harvard lecturer Dave Power has released his new book The Curve Ahead which goes on sale mid August. One of the elements of the new Scaling Up growth tools, Dave addresses the reason why growth companies stop growing and introduces the innovation process to learn, design, test and model within a growth company to springboard onto the next growth S curve. Buy the book here.


Benetton India saved $1.2m using cloud based procurement provider Ariba – specifically aimed at buyers and sellers of goods valued at over $10k. By taking the procurement of shopping bags to Ariba they were able select from 6 suppliers and take the price from $0.54 to $0.34 each, all in a 32 minute live bidding process.


Russian hackers obtained 1.2 Billion users details last week. It’s becoming an increasing problem for everyone who has a computer. Use this simple tool to securely control all your passwords in one place.

Why the Myers Briggs test is totally meaningless

Here is an interesting and provocative article asking the question is the Myers Briggs test, the most universally accepted personality profile test developed by Carl Jung in 1920 and used by over 2 million people totally meaningless. Details here.

Rackspace NPS

Rackspace has a brand promise of ‘fanatical support’ and achieve this through the use of the NPS (Net Promoter Score). Watch this 4 minute video to understand how Rackspace uses the NPS to understand customers and improve loyalty. Why do we recommend the Racksapce NPS? Because Fred Reicheld, the NPS inventor is on their board!

TEDxPerth tickets

TEDxPerth tickets are on sale on 20th August for the event on 4th October at the Perth Concert Hall. In previous years tickets have sold out within 48 hours. If you are looking to buy tickets, email me for details.

Brad Giles

Evolution Partners


Sales Compensation Manual

Developing a Sales Compensation plan can be difficult. Download our free 49 page Sales Compensation Manual for a step by step how to guide which details;

– the difference between compensation plans;

– territory definition;

– estimating sales and GP per sales person;

– developing what if scenarios;

– selection of specific compensation components;

– developing sensitivity analyses;

– selecting targets;

– the existing accounts syndrome;

– inside sales personal remuneration

This how to book will guide you through the steps needed to build a world class compensation system for staff. Download here.


Growth Facts

If you run a business at 10% profit that has hit its Core Capital Target (2 months operating expenses in cash), you now have a business that is producing a minimum return on equity of 50% PER YEAR! (and has been one of the most rewarding accomplishments we have seen clients achieve).


Thought Leader

Dave Kurlan – Objective Management
When Jack Welch the famous GE CEO wanted to increase sales performance across the GE business to help drive their strategy (be #1 or 2 in our market or exit), Dave Kurlan is the person he called upon. In the 1980’s Dave performed a study of the top 100 sales books of all time and aggregated them into his Baseline Selling process and his sales person assessment (as mentioned above). As Henry Ford said in the quote above the big problem many people feel they have with their sales team is often many little problems. The Objective Management assessment identifies every small problem and measures its severity against almost 1 million other sales people.




Thursday 6th November Perth – Scaling Up Workshop In conjunction with the release of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2 – Scaling Up we will be hosting a public workshop on 6th November to provide an overview of tools and new concepts introduced within the book and how you can implement these into your business. Pre Registration here with details to follow.

Gazelles Growth Institute

Our online training portal containing 65, 1-3 hour videos from thought leaders from around $15 each per month is the perfect way to raise the knowledge of your management team.

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