July 2014 Evolution Partners Newsletter

“There is a difference between leadership and management.

Leadership is of the spirit, compounded of personality and vision; its practice is an art.

Management is of the mind, a matter of accurate calculation – its practice is a science. Managers are necessary; leaders are essential.”

Field Marshall Lord Slim, when Governor-General of Australia


A word from Brad

I spent a few days in Sydney running an Outthinker workshop last week where we were able to uncover over 150 new ideas to grow a YPO members business in new ways they hadn’t considered before. The thing I really enjoy about the process is we distill down to ideas that don’t make sense for the competition to copy; the essence of competitive advantage.

Another trip a few weeks before was TEDxSydney at the Opera House. One of the highlights was Megan Washington talking about her stutter. Her journey to talk was also featured on last weeks Australian Story. TEDxPerth is now confirmed for October 4th at the Perth Concert Hall. Details to follow.

Finally I attended the Business News Rising Stars awards with the Momentum Wealth team last week. It’s great to see a client pick up 2 awards including peoples choice. Congratulations guys!

Net Promoter Score survey builder

The NPS from Fred Reichheld is the definitive method to quantitatively measure customer advocacy.

However as simple as it is to implement (it’s only one question) it can be difficult to distribute and collect the data in a meaningful way. Qualtrics have released a free ‘app’ (up to 1,000 respondents) to help you build, distribute and measure (even against industry benchmarks) a NPS. Further details including the survey builder here.

If you are building an NPS then watch this 1 hour presentation from Fred including the difference between Net Promoter Score and Net Promoter System here.

Gazelles Growth Institute on iPad

The Growth Institute is an on-demand series of 50+ videos from thought leaders ranging from 1-2 hours each. For people already using GGI for their management teams, the long awaited iPad app is now available, with the ability to watch offline (view screen shots here). For others, at around $11 per month per user, it’s a great way to embed a culture of learning for managers from the best. For 7 day trial email me here.

Clearly Contacts sells for $430m

Congratulations to Coastal Contacts, trading in Australia as Clearly Contacts who started trading in Roger Hardy’s basement in 2000 (with now over 750 employees) having recently sold for $430m (the largest ecommerce deal in Canadian history). Roger attributes his success to having been Gazelles customers for more than a decade.


Last newsletter I posted about Trello, the dashboard & project management software I am using to track goals and priorities with clients. For those who are interested, one of the other dashboard tools Gazelles facilitators around the world are using is Align Today. It is Software As A Service and built specifically for Rockefeller Habits by Andy Bailey, an EO member from Tennessee. Align is paid (Trello isn’t) however pricing is dropping to $5 per user in the coming weeks, if you are looking for a dashboard and tracking system check it out here.

Multiplier of the year video

Multipliers as leaders typically get 2 to 3 times the productivity from their people. In this 2 minute video Multiplier of the year Karin Hurt talks about the benefits of being a Multiplier.

Rockefeller Habits users top BRW young rich list

Atlassian has been described as most successful software company from Australia and their story of building a half Billion dollar company using the Rockefeller Habits and topping the BRW young list is fantastic. Details here

Brad Giles

Evolution Partners


Growth Facts

A $10m company growing at 25% will be 3.8 times the size in 6 years and have revenues of $145m in 12 years or 14.5 times the size. The beauty of compound growth!


Thought Leader

Pat Lencioni
Field Marshall Lord Slim spoke emphatically about the difference between leadership and management in the quote above. In his book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Pat talks above a fabled company, DecisionTech and how the Five Dysfunctions not only link together, but also prevent any real accomplishments when present.

The Five Dysfunctions are;

Inattention to RESULTS – ego and desire for personal status become major motivators;

Avoidance of ACCOUNTABILITY – team members lower their standards;

Lack of COMMITMENT – ambiguity on goals and team targets;

Fear of CONFLICT – artificial harmony is dominant;  Absence of TRUST – team members work to create an image of invulnerability.




Thursday 6th November Perth – Scaling Up Workshop In conjunction with the release of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2 – Scaling Up we will be hosting a public workshop on 6th November to provide an overview of tools and new concepts introduced within the book and how you can implement these into your business. Pre Registration here with details to follow.

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