When growth slows, how do you ignite new growth?

We partner with our clients to solve strategic problems that matter to them. These may be high-level, long-term challenges (such as What business strategy will double our revenue within the next three years?) or the need to address more specific midrange goals (such as Which products should we prioritise launching next year?). We are often called in to help clients rapidly define strategies to meet immediate opportunities or resolve threats (such as How can we make sure we win a key proposal? or How can we double client referrals?).


We believe great companies rarely build competitive advantages during annual strategic-planning sessions. Instead, they become great by responding rapidly and innovatively to evolving market dynamics. We enable clients to outthink strategic challenges by applying a proprietary strategic methodology—the Outthinker Process®, which is rooted in over ten years of research and more than 300 strategy sessions—to the challenges that matter most now.

Understand your competitive position and your options

Your Competitive Position


In his book Outthink the Competition, Kaihan Krippendorf introduced the framework called the 8Ps which says that if you want to create a truly disruptive company, you want to unleash winning moves (strategic choices the competition will not or cannot react intelligently to) across eight dimensions: position, product, price, place, promotion, processes, physical experience, and people. His research shows that you can actually calibrate a company’s competitive advantage by using this eight Ps framework to come up with a “Outthinker Score” that correlates with a company’s growth rate and profitability (the score explains 40% of firm’s relative growth and profitability). In other words, the more points of differentiation you can create across the eight Ps and the more sustainable those differences are, the faster your company will grow and the more profitable it is.

Use this tool to calculate your company’s Outthinker Score and see how you stack up to other disruptive companies and identify your best opportunities to increase your competitiveness.

Click the image below to obtain your Outthinker score and understand your competitive position.




Your strategic options


Drawing on Kaihan’s research into the underlying strategic patterns of successful organisations, this tool will help you see new options for outthinking the competition. It will seed your thinking with ten strategic patterns, chosen specifically to match you strategic situation. Work through these patterns and you will see new possibilities for achieving your goals. A tool for use with the book Outthink the Competition by Kaihan Krippendorff

Click the image below to obtain your strategic options based upon the 36 ancient Chinese stratagems.


Our process

In times of change the ability to see innovative strategic options becomes critical for continued success. Leaders are divided into two groups: those flexible enough to embrace new perspectives (“outthinkers”) and those who work within old points of view (“thinkers”). The success of your company and your career depends to a great extent on your ability to shift your paradigm and inspire others to do the same.

This program draws on the study of hundreds of history’s most innovative strategic thinkers and competitive companies from Wal-Mart and GE to Google and Apple. It shows that businesses can unlock breakthrough growth when a team collaborates to make seemingly minor innovative choices – “fourth options.” These options make it difficult for competitors to respond effectively.

The Outthinker Program has participants work through seemingly simple strategic and innovation tools (IDEAS) to define a creative strategy:

1. Imagine: Explore key environmental and competitive factors, defining a longterm ideal vision, and agreeing on a clear strategic question

2. Dissect: Break down the problem you are trying to solve to find new points of leverage

3. Expand: Use “strategic narratives” and examples from other industries to inspire new, innovative potential strategies

4. Analyse: Rapidly select the most disruptive strategic options, avoiding the common pitfall of killing off “crazy” ideas too early

5. Sell: Wrap the resulting strategy in a compelling framework that builds support



Participants then deepen their skill by applying what they have learned to a real-life, immediate business challenge. By immediately practicing what they learn, participant build their comfort designing innovative strategies, begin thinking intuitively in ways that help them see breakthrough solutions to every-day business problems, and solve real time problems.


Outthinker process

Webinar outlining the process

Our Outthinker consulting products

We offer three types of consulting products:



A one- to two-hour strategy consultation, by phone or in person, to generate a compelling solution to an immediate strategic challenge (e.g., How can we accelerate referrals? How should we price the proposal? How should we respond to ABC competitor’s new initiative?). Outcome: One to three compelling options for resolving an immediate strategic issue.



A one-day workshop, attended by you and a group of up to fifteen of your colleagues, to jointly brainstorm ways to solve an important strategic challenge (e.g., How do we compete in this emerging-market space? What new product should we launch? How do we get buy-in for ABC idea?). Outcome: After generating fifty to 150 potential strategies, a shortlist of three to five options that will enable you to achieve your objectives more easily and with greater impact.



A sequence of five half-day or full-day strategy sessions, spread over two to three months, each tackling one step in the Outthinker Process®. In preparation for each session, we conduct research (i.e., interviews, analyses) to ensure your team engages in a robust and efficient dialogue. Outcome: Your team reaches clarity on the three to seven strategies that you should execute or validate to achieve your vision/goal.



A two- to three-month consulting engagement during which our consultants structure a customised work plan, conduct research, and engage with you during performance reviews, as you define your strategy. Outcome: A clear, compelling, and fact-based three- to five-year strategy for your business, brand, or functional unit.

Can our Outthinker process help you?

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