How do you plan for growth?

At Evolution Partners we work with the companies who are or want to be the fast growth businesses in their industry. We define fast growth as a minimum of +20% revenue growth per year.

This level of growth brings a unique set of demanding challenges which many entrepreneurs are often not prepared for, and without a structured and proven Strategic Thinking and Execution Planning process to scale up the business, the risk of the business either failing or not meeting it’s potential increase significantly.

Understand your Core Ideologies, Strategic Direction & Execution Plan

Core Ideologies


Your Core Ideologies are the DNA of your company. The experience of being a part of your organisation that make your business different to everyone else. Core Ideologies include Core Values Core Purpose, and Core Competencies as well as the actions you use to bring them to life. Core Ideologies provide the link between People and Strategy in our Four Decisions model.

 Core Values

Core Values are the rules and boundaries that define the companies culture and personality, and provide a final “Should / Shouldn’t”  test for all the behaviours and decisions by everyone in the firm. It’s especially important that top managers lead by example, making sure their behaviours and decisions align with the Core Values.

When Core Values fully permeate the company, the leadership team can avoid being sucked into many of the day to day operational issues. This gives management the confidence to delegate important tasks as they can trust that employers will know the right things to do when faced with a decision or an ethical dilemma.

Creating such a process requires a company to accurately discover and define its own Core Values.

Core Purpose

If the Core Values are the soul of the organisation, the Core Purpose gives it heart. Core Purpose answers the timeless question Why? Why does what we do matter? And what difference are we making in the world?

Without a Core Purpose more heartfelt than making money, employees will pour their enthusiasm and energy into something else. Research finds that if you ignite and capture their hearts, not just their heads, they will give you 40% more discretionary effort.

Core Competencies

Your organisations Core Competencies provide boundaries for you determining what product and service offerings you should pursue. They are also foundational in helping you determine how to differentiate the company int he marketplace. A Core Competency has 3 key attributes according to Gary Hamel;

1. It is not easy for competitors to imitate

2. It can be reused widely for many products and markets

3. It must contribute to the benefits the end customer experiences and the value of the product or service to customers.



Companies around the globe are using Gazelles Methodologies to Scale Up their businesses

Strategic Direction

Being able to simple articulate a clear and differentiated strategy that drives sustainable growth in revenue and gross margins is the key for any company wanting to Scaling Up. Sustainable top line revenue growth and increasing gross margins are two financial indicators that you have achieved an industry dominating strategy. Alternatively without a clear strategic direction you will face increased competition and pricing pressures. A winning strategy is built using the following building blocks;


The Profit per X metric represents the underlying economic engine of the business and provides the leaders with a single KPI they can track closely to monitor the progress of the business. Thought the numerator can be any metric you like- profit, revenue, gross margin, pilots, routes etc. – the denominator is fixed and represents your companies unique approach to scaling the business.

Core Customer

Your Core Customer will make purchases of your product at the optimal (best) price point that generates you profit – why? Because they assign real economic value to what you have to offer and buying at your price is a positive action for them.

Brand Promise

A Brand Promise is the key factor that sets you apart from all your competitors and it’s what brings customers to you. It must be both competitive and measurable.

It’s great to create a wonderful slogan or advertising message, but if your operation can’t deliver on it, you gain absolutely no differentiation in the marketplace and it’s likely to do more harm than good.


In his book “Good to Great,” Jim Collins identified a goal that great companies developed and pursued through time and was so challenging that they might not know how they would accomplish it, but were inspired to figure it out successfully. He called this goal their “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” or BHAG for short. 

The BHAG is the logical extension of doing the right things right for 10 to 30 years and can only be build after developing a deep understanding the following with a strong connection to the companies underlying strategy.

Hedgehog concept

Execution Plan

Meaningful Core Ideologies and a winning Strategic Direction are worth nothing without an Execution Plan to ensure results are created.  In driving execution, implement three key habits: set a handful of Priorities; gather quantitative and qualitative Data daily and review weekly to guide decisions; and establish and effective daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual Meeting Rhythm to keep everyone in the loop.


Everyone is busy with likely hundreds of things to do. The key is to prioritise and to find the smaller number of possible activities that will make the biggest difference. Once we identify the priorities, we need to share the priorities with our teams and get everyone on board and busy in accomplishing them. When everyone on the team is in agreement and working together on the same priorities, you get alignment.


There are many kinds of metrics (profit/loss, balance sheet, departmental, people, process), but sometimes companies try to track so many numbers that the leaders can’t possibly read and digest them all. Using the priority discipline, it’s important to find the smaller number of metrics that make the biggest difference to your organisation.

Meeting Rhythm

The last of the 3 execution disciplines is meeting rhythms, which are the regular set of communication touch points you have as a team and company, to connect, synchronise and align.

When we survey many of our clients prior to their first planning session and ask the question ‘What’s the #1 issue in your company right now?’ we can almost always bet that the majority of responses will have something to do with “communication.” It does not matter what size of organisation we are surveying or what their industry is, it is almost a universal response. Improving communication, especially among those clients growing at a pace of 20% or more per year, is at the top of the list every time.

Our process

Our methodology is based upon the Gazelles Four Decisions framework as used by over 40,000 fast growth firms worldwide and detailed in the Amazon best selling books Scaling Up and Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.

The Four Decisions outline the key elements you must get right in your business in order to Scale Up;

People: Having the right people in the right seats doing the right things right consistently. Developing a conscious culture which attracts the right people and repels the wrong ones, and an environment where people can have fun and be challenged whilst achieving the company’s goals.

Strategy: A strategy must pass two tests in order to work effectively. It must really matter to customers and meet a previously unmet need, and it must differentiate you from the competition.

Execution: Effective execution will ensure that profit reaches the bottom line and is not lost in poor productivity or mismanagement. This is derived from the habits of Priorities, Data and Meeting Rhythms.

Cash: Fast growth companies suck cash. Significantly reduce the risk of cash flow shortages within the business by using tools to accurately predict the results on cash flow from your ongoing decisions and pay as much attention to cash flow as you do for revenue or profitability.


We use a wide range of tools in our process such as the One Page Strategic Plan, 7 Strata of Strategy, SWT, FACe and PACe to name a few. We walk you through these to uncover your Core Ideologies, Strategic Direction & Execution Plan.

One Page Plan Gazelles

Our planning growth consulting products

We offer three types of consulting products:



A one- to two-hour strategy consultation, by phone, Skype or in person, to generate a compelling solution to an immediate challenge with strategic aspects of your One Page Strategic Plan. Outcome: One to three compelling outcomes to assist with building your growth plan.



A one-day workshop, attended by you and a group of up to fifteen of your colleagues, to jointly learn the Four Decisions and how to implement them into your business. Outcome: A ‘to do’ list of up to 20 items and several completed tools and KPI’s to drive the business forward to help your team build and grow the One Page Strategic Plan.



A sequence of four half-day or full-day strategy sessions, spread over two to three months, each tackling one step in the Four Decisions process. In preparation for each session, we provide homework and preparatory thinking exercises to ensure your team engages in a robust and efficient dialogue. Outcome: Your team builds a draft One Page Strategic Plan along with accompanying strategic tools and plans to drive success.


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