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“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

A word from Brad

After reading the new book Rockefeller Habits 2.0 Scaling Up over the past couple of weeks in its pre-release I am confident to say that you are going to be very happy and importantly be able to take many ideas straight from the book and implement them.


My top three comments are;
1. A lot of new tools
A few which you can see in the new workbook


2. Depth of research and live world testing
60,000 companies around the world are using Gazelles tools to grow their business


3. Existing tools refined from the field
Many of the tools in the original book such as the One Page Strategic Plan have been revised and refined following real world feedback and new methods.


Scaling Up Workshop
In October & November I am planning a public workshop and a series of private workshops to provide an overview of the new Scaling Up book for existing Rockefeller Habits users. See below for details.


Evolution Partners now also represent Kaihan Krippendorff and his tools from Outthinker for the Australasia region and provide strategy workshops using the Outthinker Process® for teams to unlock up to 150 growth opportunities which we then filter down to 3 – 5 options with greater impact. See Kaihan demonstrating the tools in this webinar.


Government leaders workshop
A great win last week as I facilitated a strategy session for the whole of WA Government with 26 CIO’s and Director Generals representing all WA Govt agencies. We achieved a 10 year strategy with goals for IT in the whole of Government and it was great to see the broader impact this is going to provide.


Over the past couple of months I have successfully rolled out an execution tool to help take the One Page Strategic Plan into the Meeting Rhythm process. I have taken columns 4 through 7 of the OPSP being one year company goals and quarterly company and personal goals / KPI’s and placed them into www.trello.com
This has significantly increased execution within clients and assisted in both daily huddles and weekly meetings. Trello is free and I have provided a sample screen shot here.


As you may be aware I am also the Partnerships Director at TEDxPerth a Not for Profit operating under licence from TED whose mission is WA Ideas worth spreading. We have been working very hard to secure major partners and a new venue growing the event to become the festival of ideas for WA and the second largest TEDx event in the Southern Hemisphere. Each year tickets have sold out within a day of release and I will keep you informed as the ticket release date approaches with this years event planned for October 4th.


Brad Giles
Evolution Partners



In 1948, 4 years after his death, Saint-Exupérys’ book ‘The Wisdom of the Sands’ demonstrated in the quote above something which so very many companies today neglect or simply don’t understand. In order to motivate people, they must have a purpose to their work and it is the role of the leader to unlock that purpose.
For Hoby Darling of SkullCandy, an audio and gaming headphone manufacturer, his accepting the role of CEO was contingent on his turning around the business in line with Saint-Exupérys’ quote above, which is generally the opposite of the Turnaround Management Associations recommendation – stating that building the team and morale should come last. Of course short and long term results matter most, and in this article Darling hints that the results might be coming faster than most turnarounds, because he put purpose first.
If you aren’t one of the 17 Million people to have watched Simon Sinek’s Start with Why on TED its a great way to understand why to put purpose first.


Growth Summit Highlights

Sam Riley – Ansarada – M&A Data Room
Described by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing technology firms originating from Australia, Ansarada provide virtual data rooms to make Mergers and Acquisitions easier. Sam went through how they are trying to make the business a ‘great place to work institute’ and how the goal is for people to leave the company a much richer person.
Sam went through a challenging process to reduce their core values from 7 to 5 – and why 7 was too many.  Now with 13 offices around the world and growing at an average of 294% in the past few years, it is not possible to sustain that growth without the best recruitment strategy, whilst they use Topgrading, there are 3 things they add
  1. The marketing department weigh into HR as brand is very important to new recruits
  2. In the search for A players, you are not classified as an A player, unless you read more than 12 books per year
  3. They get Google to detect the web address of the business you are visiting from. If it is a competitor, they send you to a recruitment page
I have to say Ansarada is one of the widest and deepest usages of Rockefeller Habits tools I have seen to date and it is clearly paying off.

Naomi Simpson – CEO – Redballoon
Naomi has been working with Gazelles for more than a decade and is a case study in BHAG creation. I was aware of and have blogged about Red Balloon reaching their BHAG before, but until I sat with her and discussed it I didn’t realise the important words ‘good times’ in her new BHAG. Whilst the previous BHAG was reaching 2 million customers by 2015, the new BHAG is 5 million good times by 2020. Why is good times the key? Because this really means 5 million promoters under the Net Promoter Score framework. So going from 2M to 5M customers in 6 years is one thing, however it is really 5M customers who have rated Red Balloon a 9 or 10 when asked would they recomend to a friend or relative. Where are they at? Last year they turned their NPS score from 53% to 68% in one year.


Growth Facts

In Great by Choice by Jim Collins filtered 20,400 companies down to 7 and compared these to their industry. One of the key things he found was the successful companies (called 10Xers because they beat their industry index by ten times) hold 3 to 10 times more cash assets than average for their industry, and they did so from the time they started.
Does your business model support growth which sucks cash or growth which spins cash off? How can you change your model to spin off cash and increase liquidity? We recommend this Cash Conversion Cycle worksheet to try uncover up to 20 new ideas to improve cash availability.


Thought Leader

Kaihan Krippendorff – Outthink the competition
In this book, Kaihan describes how “Outthinkers” are entrepreneurs and corporate managers with a new playbook. They see opportunities others ignore, challenge dogma others accept as truth, rally resources others cannot influence, and unleash new strategies that disrupt their markets. Outthink the Competition proves that business competition is undergoing a fundamental paradigm shift and that during such revolutions, outthinkers beat traditionalists. Outthink the Competition presents stories of breakthrough companies like Apple, Google, RIM, and Rosetta Stone whose stunning performances defy traditional explanation and will inspire readers to outthink the competition. Core concepts in the book include:

  • Discover the Eight Dimensions of Disruption
  • Learn to play by the Outthinker Playbook
  • Learn to adopt Five Habits of the Outthinker
  • Implement the Outthinker Process

See the book by Kaihan; Outthink the competition


New Book

‘Scaling Up’
Rockefeller Habits 2.0

The new book from Verne Harnish and Gazelles is due for release on October 21. In the meantime we are using more than 40 new tools and methods to help businesses scale.

 Scaling Up Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2




Thursday 6th November Perth – Scaling Up Workshop In conjunction with the release of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2 – Scaling Up we will be hosting a public workshop on 6th November to provide an overview of tools and new concepts introduced within the book and how you can implement these into your business. Pre Registration here with details to follow. 

Five dysfunction of a team workshop 
Net promoter score workshop 

Sales candidate assessments

Sales team evaluation 
Leadership / executive assessment 

Overview of the One Page Planning Process here
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