Do you have a theme for the second half of 2015? Gene Browne and his team continue to brilliantly use quarterly themes to align everyone around addressing a key constraint to scaling up City Bin, their Galway, Ireland-based waste collection firm. Their last theme titled “The Price is Right” drove them to focus on pricing strategies which resulted in an increase in their monthly Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) by 7%. “We’re very happy considering the price sensitivity in the general economy,” notes Browne. Their latest theme, along with a link to visuals, is noted below.

Taking a page from Towne Park’s “Daily Basics” (from Scaling Up) “Cool/Not Cool” is City Bin’s latest quarterly theme. There are 31 behaviours – one for each day of the month – 16 Cool and 15 Not Cool – that are intended to drive up City Bin’s Net Promoter Score (NPS). The relevant behaviour is highlighted during each daily huddle and a daily email is sent to each staff member highlighting that day’s Cool, Not Cool message.  Below you will see the brilliant visuals Browne’s team created to represent each behaviour. It’s all about having a handful of rules and then repeating yourself a lot. It’s also about behaviour change, NOT culture change (no such thing).

Note’s Browne:

The theme is going down very well. The biggest difference I see now is that it’s much easier to have that ‘awkward’ conversation with a colleague. All you have to say is ‘Not Cool’ and the message is understood.



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