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“Gentlemen, we have run out of money. It is time to start thinking.” – Ernest Rutherford


A word from Brad

As we move to the end of the financial year in Australia it is getting colder, and we have only a week until the shortest day of the year. I am certainly looking forward to the warmer days of spring!

I have been busy filming an online video series for Gazelles as part of a Gazelles / EO Global partnership providing online training on Scaling Up and the One Page Strategic Plan for EO Insignia & Quantum Leap programs. This will take members through a step by step process to implement the Scaling Up tools into their business. I am honored to be a global representative for this and it’s rewarding to be helping hundreds of EO companies around the world to Scale Up.

I was speaking at a TEC (Vistage) forum last week and had a moving experience with the leader of a prominent private school who discovered a differentiating strategy which aligned with and reinforced the schools Core Values. It was great to see value provided in different areas (education) and for it to be so powerful for this leader.

Scaling Up user group

We have setup a LinkedIn user group for Scaling Up & Mastering the Rockefeller Habits users. Join the group here to discuss best practices with other users.


If you are looking to use Net Promoter Score to measure your staff engagement, take a quick look at this article which highlights the differences between NPS and eNPS, and the four key elements; 2 questions, survey length, frequency and speed of action.

USA travel dates

For US subscribers I am currently booking dates for October speaking and workshops in the US. Contact me for dates.

Culture book- The Physio co

Voted by BRW magazine as the number 1 place to work in Australia, Rockefeller habits users The Physio Co serve aged care physio (an area not easy to recruit in as grads want to work with sports people, not grannies) and each year founder & CEO Tristian White publishes a culture book outlining why people love working at The Physio Co. Learn more and download the book here.

Scaling Up update

Scaling Up now has 3 of the top 10 positions on Amazon.com in the business strategy section with the paper book at number 1, and the audiobook and kindle version also in the top 10.

Actions to Live Values, Purpose, BHAG

If you are looking to bring your Core Values, Purpose or BHAG to life check out these 2 recent case studies from Rackspace and SRG Insurance.

Keep growing!

Brad Giles
Evolution Partners

If I knew then…

Harvard Business School Alumni advice

In preparing for the 50th anniversary of the HBS 1963 graduation class (of which Good to Great author Jim Collins is a member), alumni were asked if they had any advice to pass along to younger generations on subjects such as careers, finance and life. The resulting collection of quotes and advice is both meaningful and fascinating. Search the ‘wisdom’ here.

Randy Komisar

Kleiner Perkins Venture Capitalist and author – The Monk & the Riddle, Getting to Plan B: breaking through to a better business model

Kleiner Perkins has been described by various media as one of the largest and most established venture capital firms having backed over 500 entrepreneurs including AOL, Amazon.com, Compaq, Google, Intuit, Netscape & Sun Microsystems.

Most recently Randy facilitated the investment and sale of Nest (self learning thermostats) to Google for $3.2 Billion in January 2014 (a 20 x return from their 2010 investment).

Consequently I was pretty excited to see Randy speak at the Fortune Growth Summit.

A few of the key takeaways from Randy’s talk;

  • Management is there for 1 reason only – to get things out the way so things can get done
  • The first sign of problems in a company is that priorities are not being set and therefore no one knows what’s going on
  • Coaches train you to achieve your goals, whilst mentors bring experience to help you be your best self. They be should telling you things you don’t want to hear
  • The hierarchical management system worked when people were the means of production, now people are the means of creativity and so you need to just focus on the results

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Online sales training

Our Impact Learning sales program consists of 28 online units and fortnightly coaching calls with the sales team to practically implement what student learn with prospects. View the syllabus and details here.


Private strategy workshop
Private sales team workshop
Five dysfunction of a team workshop
Net promoter score workshop
Sales candidate assessments
Sales team evaluation
Leadership / executive assessment

Overview of the One Page Planning Process here

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