Guy C. Parsons, former Program Director of the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), recently left to form Value Stream Solutions (VSS), a consultancy focused on developing a number opportunities focused on lean transformation, acquisition and investment. At the Lean Enterprise Institute SM, Guy’s key role was to develop the program for the annual Lean Summit SM. He worked closely with Jim Womack in developing and managing research projects, educational materials, seminars, and building a network of lean thinking leaders in industry. Guy worked closely with Mike Rother and John Shook to produce Learning to See, a very powerful tool used to guide cohesive lean transformation activities. He provides lean manufacturing consulting, leads Value Stream Mapping SM workshops and delivers educational presentations on Lean Principles. His clients include Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, Delphi, Northrop Grumman, etc.

Lean Execution

Guy is the leader in implementing Toyota’s LEAN Methodology in service and retail firms (as well as manufacturers). His two-hour presentation at one of our past Growth Summits was rated the highest of all presenters. His approach is practical, simple, and doable for growth firms. Now, more than ever, growth firms can’t afford to waste a dollar or a second of time. The first company in any industry that fully adopts and implements the principles of LEAN will dominate their industry like Toyota is dominating the auto industry – so don’t be left behind.

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