Mike Maddock is an entrepreneur, an inventor, a writer and a keynote speaker. Mike calls himself an Idea Monkey because he loves to solve problems with disruptive ideas. This passion for problem solving led him to establish Maddock Douglas, Inc. in 1991. Maddock Douglas has become an internationally recognized innovation agency that helps leading corporations invent and launch new products, services and business models. It is the perfect place for Idea Monkeys and the (Ring) Leaders who keep them on track. Entrepreneurship is a big part of Mike’s life. As an adult (we really don’t need to talk about the lawn care business and greeting card company he started in college), Mike has launched three successful businesses. He also cochairs the Gathering of Titans entrepreneurial conclave at MIT, he is past president of Entrepreneurs’ Organization and future president of Young Presidents’ Organization, both chapters located in Chicago. A doodler, turned cartoonist, turned author, Mike has been using words and pictures to get laughs and build ideas his entire life. Today, Mike is a featured innovation columnist for Bloomberg Businessweek and author of “Free the Idea Monkey” and “Brand New: How Great Brands Invent and Launch New Products, Services, and Business Models.” Both books will be available by January 2012. Mike is a frequent keynote speaker and has a passion for inspiring and empowering innovation leaders by helping them build the types of culture and processes that lead to new product success.






Free the Idea Monkey

The world’s leading companies—from Disney to Microsoft—are masters at striking a balance on their teams between the Idea Monkeys—creative types who are great at brainstorming new ideas but not always easy to rein in—and the (Ring) leaders, who know how to awaken and focus the Idea Monkeys in their organization while setting strategy and executing with precision.

In this seminar, Mike Maddock, founding partner and CEO of innovation agency Maddock Douglas, Inc. and co-author of Free the Idea Monkey will help you to do the same in your own firm. You will learn to build a culture where innovation thrives and you can harness the ideas produced by the dreamers on your team while you collectively meet the goals that make you money.

You’ll learn:

  • The way to determine if you and other key members of your team are Idea Monkeys or (Ring)leaders
  • How companies such as Apple strike an effective balance between divergent and convergent thinkers
  • Strategies for turning your company into an incubator for innovation
  • Maddock’s methods for turning your team’s best ideas into “lethal weapons” that will fuel your company’s growth

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