A dynamic writer and speaker, Johnson crafts captivating theories that draw on a dizzying array of disciplines, without ever leaving his audience behind. Author Kurt Anderson described Johnson’s book Emergence as “thoughtful and lucid and charming and staggeringly smart.” The same could be said for Johnson himself. His big-brained, multi-disciplinary theories make him one of his generation’s more intriguing thinkers. His books take the reader on a journey — following the twists and turns his own mind makes as he connects seemingly disparate ideas: ants and cities, interface design and Victorian novels.





Where good ideas come from

Have you ever wondered how to spark industry-changing innovation in your company? Do you wish you could find a way to unleash the untapped brilliance of your team – but find yourself at a loss?

Now you can learn how, from best-selling author Steven Johnson, author of six books that look at how science and technology are changing our world.

At a time when no company can afford to fall behind in innovation, you can benefit from what he has discovered about encouraging great ideas to take hold in your organization. This is a can’t-miss program for those who want to come up with the kind of ideas that change the world.

In Where Good Ideas Come From, Johnson explores the patterns that recur in environments that have a long track record of generating innovative thinking, from the design of corporate workplaces to the virtual environments of media platforms like the World Wide Web or Facebook.

Any organization that values innovation as a core principle – and not a potential threat – can foster these patterns at different scales of the work environment.

This seminar covers some key topics:

  • The Slow Hunch. Johnson shows you how to encourage the gradual incubation of ideas, using the techniques that Google and 3M have pioneered.
  • The Liquid Network. You’ll learn how to encourage innovation among your team, while also encouraging your employees to have open-ended conversations with those outside of the organization – so their ideas will evolve into something even more enduring.
  • Diversity. You’ll get advice on connecting your team top people with diverse talents and fields of expertise, to help them think outside of the confines of narrow professional disciplines.
  • Learning from open platforms. You’ll learn how companies such as Google,Twitter and Facebook have driven profit and innovation using such open-source platforms that don’t depend on one central authority to make the rules.

Johnson’s books include the best-seller The Ghost-Map: The Story of London’s Most Terrifying Outbreak – and How It Changed Science, Cities and the Modern World

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