Todd Klein is a successful private equity investor, financial advisor and author who for over twenty years has focused on building Transformative Companies–those that not only succeed but transform their industries, their markets and the world around them. Currently, he is founder and managing partner of Legend Ventures, a private investment firm targeting New Media and Information Technology opportunities. Previously, he was a managing director and member of the investment committee of Kinetic Ventures. In aggregate, he has invested in over 80 companies and realized 25 successful exits through either M&A or IPOs. Todd’s professional passion is working with growing enterprises and his expertise is in evaluating and analyzing the structural, economic and strategic elements that differentiate Transformative Companies from their competitors. He is a contributing editor to Digital Media Thoughts and the author of East of Wall Street, a work of business fiction focused on entrepreneurialism and Built for Change: Essential Traits of Transformative Companies (Praeger Publishing).





Built for change

Todd Klein, founder and managing partner of Legend Ventures, researched more than 125 companies and identified 8 distinguishing factors that separate extraordinary companies from successful ones. If you want to bring about dramatic changes in your industry, it is essential to understand how to distinguish yourself the way the leaders did.

This seminar will help you learn from what Klein discovered in researching his popular book, Built for Change: Essential Traits of Transformative Companies. Klein is a well-known venture capitalist who has the inside track on what it takes to build a company that truly shakes up its industry and marketplace. He has invested in more than 80 companies and realized 25 successful exits. Legend Ventures is a private investment firm that specializes in new media and IT companies.

In this seminar, you’ll learn how transformative companies:

  • Build superior customer knowledge to offer products and services that are ahead of the pack
  • Tap into the most fundamental goals and aspirations of their customers
  • Banish small thinking
  • Measure customer value differently from competitors
  • Build “scaffolding” that empowers employees to innovate
  • Don’t just rock the boat but actually sink it

There’s never been a better time to innovate. Register now and put your company on the fast track to changing its industry—and the world.

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