Every organisation has a culture, and one of the key elements to culture is Core Values, the handful of rules and beliefs that remain constant. Whether a company actively works to develop its culture or not, culture will always be present and by identifying the key components of culture such as Core Values and Core Purpose and bringing these to life through identification,  Core Values stories, Core Values posters and Core Values videos (amongst others) organisations can help to align employees around the behavioural aspects the leadership team most strongly identifies with.

SBS Australia is a specialist media organisation which provides culturally relevant media to Australians from a wide range of ages, cultures and backgrounds. The SBS Core Values are listed below;

  • Audience Obsessed – We know we are a public service organisation and so our goal is to become truly obsessed with serving the public.
  • Embrace Difference – We embrace difference so open up and bring your whole self to work.
  • Bold – We are bold and brave so take a chance to become extraordinary. If you get it wrong, dust yourself off and come at it again wiser.
  • Engage and participate fully – Don’t sit on the sidelines, get amongst the action because not taking part isn’t part of our gameplan.
  • Look out for one another – We might do different jobs but we are part of one team that gets its kick out of helping one another. If you are one of us, you are one of us.

Below is a method SBS are using to create Actions to Live around their Core Values. By creating a simple video that outlines their values they are helping viewers of the Core Values video to understand the behavioural aspects the organisation most strongly identifies with.

Watch the Core Values video below.

SBS Core Values

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