It has been 15 years since Mastering the Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish was written.

“Scaling up how a few companies make it…and why the rest don’t” is the first major revision of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and overviews a lot of what has been learned by Gazelles during the past 15 years and importantly how to grow a business using the Gazelles tools.

Within the Scaling Up book you will find an updated version of the Gazelles One Page Strategic Plan, the strategy tool which Gazelles and Verne Harnish are most famous for, as well as details on how to complete your One Page Plan and a sample One Page plan. Over 40,000 companies and executive teams around the world use the Scaling Up  strategic planning process at offsite planning sessions

This simple business plan is popular with mid market companies who are growing because it is an actionable plan which companies can begin to use immediately, and connects strategy with execution and results. As a business plan for small businesses, it is extremely effective and when used with the Scaling Up book, has been used by thousands of companies across the world to grow. One Page Plan Gazelles

If you are considering an offsite planning day and are looking for an offsite planning template, I would recommend you purchase a copy of the book Scaling Up for your executive team and download the one page strategy tools. If you are also looking for an offsite planning facilitator, we can help with professional facilitators and strategic planners and so please contact us.

If you are looking to host your own offsite planning day, we also have an offsite planning agenda you can download here (in the bonus chapter link) and use to run a smooth offsite strategic planning session.

Why is team offsite planning important? If you really want to grow your business, and find a strategic competitive advantage, along with a proven method to deliver growth in your business, a habit of structured strategy thinking and execution planning is critical. Without this most companies simply focus on operations, perhaps some tactics and growth suffers accordingly. True growth comes when your strategy is driving revenues to your business organically and you have the right people doing the right things the right way.

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