It has been 3 years since I read Start with Why by Simon Sinek and watched his corresponding TED talk which has had millions of views and is one of the most viewed TED talks of all time. Simon connected the impact of operating with a purpose and the way that drives a larger number of people to greater success. He went on to introduce his principal of the Golden Circle that most businesses know what they do, some know how they do it, but very few know why they do it.

But then, the really fascinating part occurred when he demonstrated how the Golden Circle also correlates perfectly with a cross section of the human brain which has 3 distinct sections and how the outer layer of the brain is associated with communication and what we do, the next inner layer is associated with how we do things and the center layer is associated with why we do things.

Perhaps it takes a while for these things to sink in with me, however as I was reflecting on the way that we have broken the phrase Strategic Planning into the two terms Strategic Thinking and Execution Planning and how we have these 3 key stages within the plan (Core, Strategic Thinking & Execution Planning) it struck me that the way we develop a One Page Strategic Plan is aligned with the Golden Circle philosophy from Simon Sinek. Furthermore when we build the plan, we can only do it by starting with Core Values and Purpose (Why).

We then move to the Strategic Thinking section and ask the question How will we achieve this purpose?

Then finally we move to the Execution Planning section and ask What must we do?

It is fascinating how well these two philosophies align on the overlay of the Golden Circle and the One Page Strategic Plan below.


One Page Plan and Golden Circle




One Page Plan training

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