The sad truth is that most companies operate on Auto Pilot. Day to day, the leadership of organisations are caught up in operations, fulfilling orders, solving customer issues and at best using tactics to combat competitors actions.

The problem is that today, the world is pulsing faster than it ever has. There are more threats from industry, technology, globalisation than ever before. The only way to combat this increasingly challenging world we live in is for the management in companies to take themselves out of operations and spend time on Strategic Thinking and Execution Planning.

Most leaders believe that by working harder in the business they will see greater results, and consider strategic work a luxury. Ironically, effective strategy eclipses effort in almost every other aspect of business, and whilst it isn’t the only consideration, working smarter and not harder will yield results that matter.


You are different to the competition


You would be missed by customers if you disappeared

Which strategy program do you need?

Options for Growth

When revenue growth slows, how do you uncover new ideas to grow?

Our Options for Growth program delivers between 150 to 300 new ideas to uncover new growth options for your business.

This program draws on the study of hundreds of history’s most innovative strategic thinkers and competitive companies from Wal-Mart and GE to Google and Apple. It shows that businesses can unlock breakthrough growth when a team collaborates to make seemingly minor innovative choices – “fourth options.” These options make it difficult for competitors to respond effectively.

The Outthinker Program has participants work through seemingly simple strategic and innovation tools (IDEAS) to define a creative strategy.

Participants then deepen their skill by applying what they have learned to a real-life, immediate business challenge. By immediately practicing what they learn, participant build their comfort designing innovative strategies, begin thinking intuitively in ways that help them see breakthrough solutions to every-day business problems, and solve real time problems.

This program helps you generate ideas for growth.

Learn more about our Options for Growth program

Planning for Growth

A growing business will inevitably come up against what we call the barriers to growth. There are 3 barriers to growth that very few master;

Leadership – It’s really difficult to employ or grow enough leaders who have the capabilities to delegate and predict

Scalable infrastructure – There is a lack of systems and structures in place to handle the complexities that arise as a company grows

Market dynamics – As you scale, you are faced with increased competitive pressures that ultimately erode margins

And therefore there are 4 fundamentals you must master to overcome these barriers to growth;

People – Which means getting the right people, doing the right things the right way.

Strategy – You know you have a good strategy when as you grow, your margins remain the same. A great strategy must really matter to your customers and it must differentiate you from the competition.

Execution – In order to enable profit to hit the bottom line you must be efficient which comes form a high level of discipline.

Cash – This means paying attention to how decisions affect cash flow as much as you would revenue or profitability.

This program helps you to plan for growth.

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Executing Growth

Unfortunately many business plans once written are left in drawers and cupboards around the world to simply gather dust. It is human nature that people resist change and feel safe in the way things were previously done.

The unfortunate and scary statistic here are that 90% of strategies fail to poor execution, which is why we work with you and your leadership team to help embed a disciplined structure of Strategic Thinking and Execution Planning.

We will facilitate strategic workshops with you  using proven tools to grow your business that are simple, practical and actionable. We will facilitate quarterly planning sessions and facilitate annual strategic workshops.

We will use the Four Decisions of People, Strategy Execution and Cash to help you overcome the barriers to growth and be with you through your growth journey.

This program helps you execute your growth plans.

Learn more about our Executing Growth program

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