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Office opening special offer

As a special gift for opening party attendees we are offering a free 1 hour Sales Force Evaluation valued at $250.

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Sales Force Evaluation

During this one hour consultation we will come to your office and evaluate your sales force and the opportunities you have for improvement.

We will cover the following items with you;

Sales recruiting process

What tools you use to attract applicants to your job advertisements. Where are you advertising and how can you attract more applicants?

How do you identify which candidates to employ? Is it a gamble?  How often do you get a salesperson who succeeds?

How do you retain top performing staff?

How do you attract top performing staff?

Selling process

Are you working to a staged process which identifies where every opportunity lies?

How effective is the reporting process between reps and the sales manager?

How well do you trust the data that comes from sales funnel reports?

Do you have a CRM and is it aligned with your sales process?

On-boarding process

When you employ a new person, what is your on-boarding process?

How do you ensure that their first 90 days creates the greatest opportunity for success?

How do you measure on-boarding?

Sales force capabilities

Is your sales team capable of selling more, and if so how much more?

Who on your team will not be able to achieve budget regardless of the training you spend on them?

Who has the most capability to improve with training?

How do you get your team to improve?

From this meeting we will provide you with an overview of recommended changes and options for you to grow your business.

Register your sales force evaluation below

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