Multipliers is an Executive Workshop, designed to ensure you tap into the full intelligence and capability of your teams

Designed for CXO’s and Senior Leaders and cascading through to mature mid-level Management teams

The Multipliers principals resonate most when your business and leadership team are experiencing any one of the four conditions below.

Companies grappling with these challenges are drawn to the promise of Multipliers.  That as leaders you can create more genius around you and receive a higher contribution from your people.  And, this source of fuel comes not by hiring throngs of new talent but by intelligently leveraging the resources that already exist within your enterprise


You are experiencing both the opportunities and challenges of growth


You face resource shortages (some born of increasingly  austere economic conditions and some driven by the talent requirements to expand globally, or hire locally)


You see innovation is a critical strategy for your growth


You recognise (or merely suspect) that the old models of leadership are no longer sufficient

What are the benefits of becoming a Multiplier?

As a leader, if you are paying 100% of your teams salaries, but utilising less thanMeet The Multipliers Button Image
50% of their intelligence, then your team is capable of achieving much more.

Leaders who shift their assumptions will find themselves with a more engaged team, with more time to focus on the big picture, rather than the detail, attracting top performers to their team and able to achieve grwoth without the need for incremental headcount


How will your organisation benefit from creating a Multipliers culture?  HBR Button Image

The global research shows that Multipliers get on average twice the intelligence and capability from their teams, enabling them to solve intractable problems, achieve stretch goals and react to market dynamics more effectively and efficiently than their competitors. Multipliers do this by managing talent, culture, strategy, decision making and execution very differently from their diminishing counterparts. What is possible with access to all of the latent intelligence in your organisation?



Accidental Diminisher quiz

How can I discover if I’m Accidentally Diminishing the intelligence of my team?

If you’d like to learn if you are accidentally diminishing the intelligence of your team
today, you can take our quick online survey, answer a few questions and receive immediate feedback.


Can you provide a Multpliers workshop for my management team?

We can provide a half day or full day workshop depending on your requirements. Please contact us for details.

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