The salespeople in your organisation are not like any other group in your workplace. Salespeople are different; everyday they face, and must overcome, different challenges from the rest of your organisation. The salesperson has an understanding of what is expected of him, he works to deadlines and he knows how he will be measured. To succeed, he must hit his numbers while overcoming many challenges.

He must overcome Competition. He must persuade people to purchase from his company. He must stand out from the crowd of competitors who are attempting to persuade customers to buy elsewhere. He must overcome the complacency, satisfaction with the status quo and resistance to change that will result in no sale.

He will face Rejection on almost a daily basis. There is no selling without rejection and salespeople will face this as they attempt to develop new business for the company.

He will encounter Hostility from new prospects that view his presence as an unnecessary interruption to their day. He must venture into a marketplace where prospects are time poor and are often rushed, irritated, disinterested or even hostile.

He has to accept a Lack of Control over the sale, even when he does everything correctly. In the end the buying decision remains with the prospect.

Think about these challenges. How does that compare with the challenges of an office administrator?

The Evolution Partners Sales Recruitment Process

How is it different?

Our sales recruitment process is designed to identify sales people that will succeed in a sales environment specifically and individually defined by our client to describe their situation. Our process ensures that only those salespeople with objectively identified skills, strengths, mind set and environment compatibility will be put forward to the client.

We start with your criteria for success.

Our process commences with a clear understanding of the criteria for success in your market. We identify the candidates experience in the 20 most important areas that will influence success, factors such as:

  • Markets in which you operate
  • To whom you sell
  • Level of Competition
  • Sell Cycle
  • Method of compensation, etc

This allows us to identify candidates with the shortest ramp up time when selling in your market.

We then ensure that we find and attract the right salespeople.

We design a recruitment campaign that will attract the greatest number of suitable candidates for your sales position. Our job ads are designed to have very high appeal to successful salespeople. This process has been fined tuned and proven over time.

This next step is critically important!

Prior to reading any resumes or speaking with any applicants, ALL candidates are objectively screened utilising the Self Assessment to ensure we only consider candidate who will sell your product in your market.

This unique screening process was developed exclusively to identify those salespeople that will be successful in specific sales environments. It separates out those candidates that may look like salespeople and sound like salespeople but simply won’t sell (we call these sales ghosts).

This is a highly accurate process that has been validated by two PhD studies in which it was recognised as having a predictive validity of 95%. This means that when we recommend a candidate who has been identified as hireable against a specific criteria, they are successful in that sales roles 95% of the time.

However this is simply the beginning of our screening process.

The next stage is to further screen the hireable candidates to test their sales abilities under pressure. The first step of this interviewing process is the Phone Screen. We conduct a brief phone interview with the candidates whereby they are placed under considerable pressure. They need to convince us that they are worth progressing to the face to face interview stage. All hireable candidates are put through this process and are objectively scored on how they performed.

Only the best will progress to the face to face interview stage.

Challenging and Rapport Building

Of all of the challenges that the salesperson must face, it is building rapport and closing sales in what is initially a resistant or hostile environment. The initial face to face interview aims to replicate this environment. The candidate is screened on issues or concerns with their work history or suitability based on their resume and also issues that were identified through the evaluation. This short (35 minute) interview is again designed to measure the ability of the candidate to respond to challenging objections while seeking to gain control of the interview process. This unique interviewing technique, while challenging for the candidate, validates their face to face abilities.

The Topgrading™ˆ Interview – the final screen before recommending candidates

The top two or three candidates will be invited to participate in our Topgrading™ˆ Interview. This final interview is a very extensive process that requires the candidate to take us through a structured overview of their work and experience following a clear chronological order. This process can take up to four hours and is designed to separate truth from fiction in relation to the past history of the candidates.

Once the Topgrading™ˆ interviews are completed, all references are thoroughly checked for authenticity following the same process as the Topgrading™ˆ interview.

The Outcome

  • Only candidates that have been highly qualified as ideal for the specific sales position are presented for consideration.
  • A complete and accurate work history for all candidates is provided.
  • With the right management, the successful candidate will be an ‘A’ player.
  • Minimal risk of hiring mistakes.
  • Upgrading of the sales team with each new appointment.


ˆTopgrading™ is a registered trademark of Smart & Associates Inc.

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