Sales is unlike any other function of your organisation – everyday sales people face competition, rejection, hostility and lack of control. The success of your sales team is the difference between average results and extraordinary results for your business. It stands to reason that your attention is focused here, on your salespeople.

Insights Selling Program

Transform your Sales Force and Get Results Today!

Sales is unlike any other function if your organisation – everyday sales people face competition, rejection, hostility and lack of control. The success of your sales team is the difference between average results and extraordinary results for your business. It stands to reason that your attention is focused here, on your sales people.

With our Insights Selling Program you will be able to:

  • Achieve the results you really want, regardless of the economic climate
  • Learn how to connect with people at an even deeper level than you thought possible
  • Engage the beliefs of highly successful sales professionals
  • Learn how to elicit people’s motivational values and buying criteria in less than 5 minutes
  • Learn how to apply the ’60 second cross sell’

Our unique Insights Selling Program has raised the performance and profitability of our clients by as much as 414%! Sales is not a ‘numbers game’. Research consistently shows that ‘pitching’ products and services at your customers not only annoys them, but rarely has you meeting your sales goals. Contact Evolution Partners today to find out how to implement the Insights Selling Program today!

Top 5 Essentials: A Sales Leadership Mentoring Program

We have developed a sales leadership embedding program that works with sales leaders ‘one on one’. It focuses on the key elements that determine sales leadership success:

  • Accountability: being a performance master
  • Motivating: the practical aspects of getting the best out of your people
  • Mentoring: how to effectively pass on experience to develop talent
  • Recruiting: specific skills related to the recruitment of sales people
  • Coaching: this element is covered in the existing training protocols

Top 5 Essentials is a one-on-one coaching program that focuses on what differentiates outstanding sales forces – the ability of the sales manager to maximize the return on investment in sales training by coaching, motivating, growing, recruiting and holding top sales people accountable on a daily basis.

The philosophy of Top 5 Essentials is based on the modern pentathlon, and Olympic sport requiring athletes to excel in five gruelling events. In the modern selling world sales managers must excel in the 5 essential behaviours that will ensure their sales people cross the finish line ahead of the competition.

Winning Methodology

The success of Top 5 Essentials can be attributed to the adoption of the philosophy that change is a process rather than an event and awareness is the first step to creating change. To determine how to develop a Sales Manager we start by evaluating both the manager and the salespeople who report to that manager. To understand this, consider it from outside the world of the sales organisation.

To assess the effectiveness of the teachers in a school system, we must assess them on a school by school basis. However, an assessment of the teachers, grouped by school, would not truly demonstrate their effectiveness. It would tell us what they know about teaching, how they approach teaching and what they do when they are teaching. It would not provide insights to their effectiveness. If we wanted to learn about their true effectiveness and ultimately, how to develop them so that they could be exponentially more effective, we must look at their students and objectively asses and analyse their effectiveness in a number of benchmark areas.

Program Overview

Covers the Top 5 Essential Sales Management Behaviours in line with 21 Core Sales Management Competencies and other findings from the participant’s self-assessment in sales management and the evaluation of his/her sales team. The individual assessment is an accurate evaluation of their capability to execute in a specific environment.

  • The customised and modular program style addresses the specific needs of the participant and his/her team as identified in the findings by the world-renowned Sales Force Profile.
  • Participants practice the behaviours learned in the program and implement the tools, processes and methodologies with their sales people thus accelerating the learning process and the return of the program investment.
  • Successful completion of the course will enable your Sales Managers to confidently coach and motivate their sales people, use a structured methodology to hold sales people accountable, develop and grow their sales people, and be capable and confident of indentifying, assessing and hiring the right sales people for the company.
  • Delivered by experienced, seasoned, executive coaches who can all point to considerable success as former sales and marketing leaders.

Method of Delivery

  • Modules can be spread over any time frame but we recommend one module per month.
  • Delivery is provided through one-on-one coaching in person or via online meeting facilities.

Materials provided include customised workbooks, various manuals, CDs and access to online routines.

My Professional Development™ – Modular Online Training

As Distributors in Australia for the latest in Online Sales Training and Development programme – My Professional Development™ – we are excited to present this opportunity for specific, targeted training and development for all roles within a Sales environment, at a very affordable per person per annum price.

Click here for more information on our Modular Online Training Program.

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