Bob Bloom is a Gazelles faculty member and has worked to create brands for leading clients including BMW, L’Oreal, Nestle’, TGI Friday’s, Whirlpool, Southwest Airlines, and T-Mobile. As the CEO of advertising business Publicis Worldwide, Bob is the person brands turn to worldwide to gain market share during the past 40 years and he has written a book entitled The Inside Advantage which lays out practical steps to identify your Core Customer and discover your Who, What, How and Imaginative Acts.


Bob’s 8 common sense truths of business


  1. No enterprise can be sustained without growthThe Inside advantage
  2. Your business does not have to be bigger or better than the competitor, but you must be different from the competition.
  3. Doing what you are good at and doing it better than anyone else will create growth. You stand for nothing if you stand for everything.
  4. Customer needs and desires evolve much more rapidly than most business leaders perceive.
  5. You can deliberately influence your customers entire experience with your firm or simply let it happen
  6. You must stop customer churn and transform every prospect into a repeat customer, advocate and referral for your business.
  7. You must win today’s value conscious, technology empowered customers who no longer care where or from whom they purchase in today’s over crowded, commoditised marketplace.
  8. Recruiting and retaining the right customers will open up new opportunities and change the fortunes of a business.


Furthermore Bob talks about there being a valuable, underutilised asset hidden inside every business and that growth from inside the business is created by identifying, nurturing and becoming well known for your valuable internal asset.

Here Bob talks to Sky News about his book and how he uses his process to uncover the Inside Advantage for clients


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