The Daily Huddle forms a key part of the Meeting Rhythm framework and there is generally no right or wrong way to conduct it, however there are best practices to learn about the Daily Huddle that you can consider, and implement into your Daily Huddle.


What is the Meeting Rhythm?

The Meeting Rhythm is a consistent rhythm of meetings designed to support cascading communication around the priorities and metrics driving strategy.

Quarterly and Annual Planning Meetings – A one to three day offsite meeting for the leadership team to update the Growth Tools and establish a theme for the coming quarter.

The Monthly Management meeting – A half to full day meeting (a deep dive into results and progress), in which all senior, middle and frontline managers come together to learn and collaboratively address one or two big issues requiring several hours of effort. It’s also designed to transfer DNA (Knowledge, Values and Approach) from upper to middle management.

The Weekly Meeting – A 60 to 90 minute meeting (a shallow dive into results and progress),

The Daily Huddle – The Daily Huddle is a 5-15 minute meeting conducted each day to discuss tactical issues and provide updates. The daily huddle is designed to avoid minor problems and to take quick advantage of unforeseen opportunities. Normally a daily huddle saves everyone an hour os so of needless email updates and ad hoc interruptions. Issues that emerge drive the main topics for the weekly meeting.

The agenda for the daily huddle should be the same every day, and it’s just 3 items long with five minutes maximum per item:

  • What’s up (in the next 24 hours)?
  • What are the daily metrics? (All companies should have some)
  • Where are you stuck?


For O2E Brands, the company group for 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, and Shack Shine, founder Brian Scudamore brings all team members together from different locations via dedicated video conferencing and finish with their own, unique cheer for the day.

Take a look at the Daily Huddle video below from O2E brands





Daily Huddle O2E




Daily Huddle Training



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