It is one of the key elements in driving success in peoples careers, it pushes people to do better, but unless that is tempered with humility it can ruin everything.

It is important to take ownership for your mistakes, overcome them and accept constructive criticism.

When someone fails as a Navy seal leader 99.9% of the time it has nothing to do with physical or mental toughness, it is because they are not humble, do not accept responsibility, and do not accept that there may be better ways to do things.

They have a closed mind and can’t change.

One of the most important qualities a leader must possess is the ability to be humble.


If you lack humility and your ego becomes too big then you are unable to own problems, unable to learn from problems you will become the enemy to your team.

Creating an environment of peer accountability to foster humility

The first step in creating accountability within your company is having no more than 2 KPI’s per person. Ensure that the person in the role has complete control over the KPI. The person must be solely and completely able to succeed or fail in the role by determination of these KPI’s.

Second is to make the KPI’s publicly visible. Make sure that each person must report their KPI’s to their peers (not their boss), preferably at a daily huddle.

In this peer accountability environment, it is very difficult to not take ownership for your mistakes.


In this 2 minute video, former Navy SEALs and “Extreme Ownership” authors Jocko Willink and Leif Babin talk about ego and how it can ruin your chance at effective leadership.



Ego becomes the enemy


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