In this TEDx talk, Matthew LeRoux at TEDxChemungRiver talks about how he helps farmers and labour by understanding the customers needs, preferences and desires, and create a product to meet those needs and desires.

The beauty of it, is that everyone can understand farms, how they work and how specialisation to meet the need of a customer can give you not only the ability to value and and make more profit, but become a champion for your ideal customers. By then becoming a beacon for who you serve, you become attractive to everyone else.

Interestingly he explains the opposite of strategy to be auto pilot. Doing the same thing as you always do.

And thats what we see when companies ‘miss the boat’ on changes in their industry. When a company doesn’t undertake strategic planning for growth, and they just run on auto pilot generally only focussing on operations, time slips by and suddenly they find at best they are highly commoditised, and at worst they are facing extinction due to transformative new innovation and ideas they can’t catch up with.




strategy and auto pilot

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