Rackspace are a Texas based cloud computing provider which are a long time Gazelles International client and signature story. Rackspace have created strong core values, core purpose and BHAG along with the other key elements of the one page strategic plan to create an awesome company which is rapidly growing.

Their trademarked term ‘Fanatical Support’ embodies what they are trying to achieve by serving you, their customer, and they back it up with 3 elements of a catalytic mechanism which ensures you get this Fanatical Support.

A ‘Racker’ which is also trademarked, talks directly to the company staff and explains the core values and purpose of staff in one single word.

Below is the Rackspace 2012 Christmas message. Watch how CEO Lanham Napier reinforces Fanatical Support and Rackers in this great Christmas message, each unique view of which gets a $1 donation to charity.

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